Hemp External Render

Hemp Lime Wall Filler

Scratch Coat

Skim Coat Plaster

Old Build Restoration

"If you're using anything else.....
you're using the wrong stuff"

Hempcrete  has aesthetic advantages in shuttering and packing techniques which can be applied to the original structure in a way that follows the curves and irregular shapes of the existing fabric. This ensures that the final plaster of the hempcrete retains the character of the old building, as well as using a breathable product as they would have originally. 

Sustainable Building

Hemp Building Products are the perfect solution for new Eco-builds and for renovating old buildings with poor insulation or damp problems created by the improper use of concrete in lime based buildings. Hemp-Limecrete is a non structural wall infill used in conjunction with timber frame structures to create a stable warm naturally breathing home. It can be used as a floor and roof insulation.