Introduction to building with hemp and other green materials. Hempire Building Materials is an Irish company specializing in lightweight ecological plasters and renders from hemp and lime.

Scratch Coat, Skim Plaster and External Render can all be used to complete your building project. Learn about the different uses for Hempire plasters.

Five easy steps to packing hemp insulation. 
1) Remove debris from wall. 

Plastering tutorial. Part one: mixing hemp lime plaster from Hempire Building Materials.

An old Irish building is renovated, using Hempire plasters and insulation. We talk to the homeowner about the benefits of using hemp building materials.

An Irish cottage renovation, using hemp lime materials. We're checking in one year later to see how the room retains heat and stays dry.

What happens when only part of a house is plastered with hemp lime? In this video you can see the answer, nine years later. On the walls with scratch coat, the interior is dry. On the other walls, black mold continues to build up on interior of the building.