Our hemp-Limecrete is used in walls and sometimes for roof space as insulation. It is Primarily used to restore old cottages.


Ready to use factory prepared hot lime plaster with mineral aggregates. The material has good coverage, anti-splash and good bonding characteristics. The material is suitable as a finish coat over Hempire Scratch Coat on external surfaces and on to Hempire Hemp-Limecrete

hemp building plaster scratch coat

Hemp Building scratch coat containd hemp fiber for reinforcement and to resist cracking in tension. Historically animal hair fibers were used depending on thye locality and what was available. The material properties of hemp fiber mades this an excellent fiber for plaster reinforcement.

Information on Skim coat Plaster

Hempire Building Products produce a skim coat plaster are ideal for building durable and beautiful exterior or interior finishes on historic masonry and New Build Walls.  Our Hemp Skim Coat Plaster is  also recommended for sustainable renovation and straw bale construction that rely on breathable, all-natural construction materials.